Thursday, September 25, 2008


All Countries have their pride,for Papua New Guinea,our pride lies with our natural Habitates.Located in the Northern Hemisphere,we have two main seasons,wet and dry,therfore we have so many Tropical Rainforest which spreads out through our land.As we come to the coast you will find the beauti ful white sandy Beaches that go from coast line to coast line,with it's swaing coconut and palm trees.Don't be misunderstood by the outside view of the world towards a Country, experience the beauty, nature and fun a country has to offer.
Papua New Guinea,is a divers country with all it's traditional dances and customs you will be fascinated by it's diversity and culture with it's nine hundred Languages included.
When I say it is unique believe me there are so many things that you would not understand and you will be amazed to know more.That why I Love my Country.

Where is New Guinea in the World

Papua New Guinea, is my home country and I love this Beautiful place, it is where my Heart is and forever it will be.If you don't know where it is please walk with me,as I take you through this Diverse, unique and Beautiful place I call my home.(Papua New Guinea)
PNG,(for short) is one of the islands located in the Pacific, to be prescise on the map it is North of Australia,it as a unique distinguishing shapeof a old mans' face.That should be enough description for you to locate Papua New Guinea.