Friday, November 14, 2008

A Better Future For The The Future Generation

I hope in my heart that the Future Generation will not experience the caos and situations that are faced at this present time.I hope their future will be bright and more easy with no stuggles to be faced.They will not have to feel the burden of this current economic decline,the poor health sevices,the inevitable law and order situations arising everday or I should say probably every minute.I hope in my heart that my baby sisters or my daughters and the women of this land would not have to face abuse and violence and insecurity for their life.I hope in my heart that I will make a great difference for the future generation,if nothing can be done today.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Prayer of Wisdom for my Leaders

Dear Lord,your a great God and nothing compares to your Greatness and Holiness.Your the God who exarcises Loving Kindness and Goodness through out this Universe,to every living thing,espacially us the Human beings.And I also believe Lord that evarything happens in your perfect will.I pray Dear lord that You will work in my country,my people have suffered enough from the Hands corruption and deciet from the devil who as used our Leaders,Please open their understanding that they may do what is Just and Right before you and for us the people of Papua New Guinea.Dear lord,erace their Self Interest,and put the interest of doing good for the nation and for us the people.Thank You Lord