Friday, December 12, 2008

Give Back to Your Country.

This goes to all Papua New Guinean."Give back to your country."You may be living your life in other parts of the world,enjoying life and the good benefits of the Country you are living in. But Remember you are who you are right now because of Papua New Guinea.Don't look down on our country cause she as given the first years of your life.When the world didn't even know that you existed,your Country Knew you.She as been your backbone to your life and the person you are now.My question to you what will you give for all she's given you,What will you give for the foundation she as built in you,the foundation of education and being who you are right now.Give her the help she needs right now,when she is in need and and in a crippled situation.Anything would be good

We Should Be Proud of Who We Are

Should we be proud of who we are.?I know there are not a lot of things we should be proud of.But it does not matter,upon everything the Good Lord as given us a country,a country of our own where our four fathers have lived before.We have always been in freedom from a lot of issues that have come about the other countries.I know economically or technology wise we do not match up the the Worlds' standard,but who care we has always been in the eyes of the Lord. And we have survived well enough in this ever changing world.Never condemn our country for we are who we are in the eyes of the lord,other countries are who they are in the eyes of the Lord.Americas standard is different to England's and both standards are different to our and that is Gods' perfect will.Try to think if all countries in the world were the same in all aspect I don't believe that there will be Peace.Or contenment.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A Better Future For The The Future Generation

I hope in my heart that the Future Generation will not experience the caos and situations that are faced at this present time.I hope their future will be bright and more easy with no stuggles to be faced.They will not have to feel the burden of this current economic decline,the poor health sevices,the inevitable law and order situations arising everday or I should say probably every minute.I hope in my heart that my baby sisters or my daughters and the women of this land would not have to face abuse and violence and insecurity for their life.I hope in my heart that I will make a great difference for the future generation,if nothing can be done today.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Prayer of Wisdom for my Leaders

Dear Lord,your a great God and nothing compares to your Greatness and Holiness.Your the God who exarcises Loving Kindness and Goodness through out this Universe,to every living thing,espacially us the Human beings.And I also believe Lord that evarything happens in your perfect will.I pray Dear lord that You will work in my country,my people have suffered enough from the Hands corruption and deciet from the devil who as used our Leaders,Please open their understanding that they may do what is Just and Right before you and for us the people of Papua New Guinea.Dear lord,erace their Self Interest,and put the interest of doing good for the nation and for us the people.Thank You Lord

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Heart Of Mt Hagen Burnt Down To Ashes

The Heart of Mt Hagen burnt downto ashes,yes one of PNGs' Governmental building was burnt down to ashes.Being so fare away from home and to hear and see news like this on the internet just breaks my heart into a million pieces.This building was the pride of Mt Hagen in the past years and just to see it go down in ashes does not settle well with me.Burnt down in the early hours of the morning of October 22 of 2008 it will be a scar to PNG citizens like me who come from Mt Hagen.I wish I was home right now to feel the frustration and loss my people are going through after the lose of this Great landmark on our Fathers land.I pray this very moment for Gods' camfort and peace to be apon my people of the Western Highlands Province and Papua New Guinea as a whole.I'm sure some prominant leaders of Mt Hagen are deeply Hurt cose they were the founders of this Building,The Kapal House named after a former Governor Philip Kapal,is one we'r going to remember in history.

I Believe In My Country Papua New Guinea

I believe in my country that it can be a better Nation and a successful one for that matter.Though right now theres no solid foundation basing on human perspective and understanding on what I'm predicting,but my Faith is apon God who who is the father of all Creation.I Believe my Country will be a better place for everyone in the near future and to the future Generations to come.It as been a prayer from the heart to the Lord for my Country.I believe every thing happens in his will in what ever goes on in this world,it's not as if God faces to one side of the world he watches and cares for everything that happens to all coountry and it's His concern for everything that happens,therefor I'm content with that thought and trusting in Him forever.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Papua New Guinea For God

Papua New Guinea as been dedicated to God and as based it's Principles apon Christianity.We are a Country that will declare the one true God the Father,Son and the Holy Spirit who by His Word created the Foundation of the Heavens and the Earth and also Created You and Me to live in this World. PNG ,as always,is always and will always trust and Love this Great Maker of this World and of You and Me.Though Papua New Guinea is going through so many problems but we will trust him that He is our Streangth and Hope of the futur Generations whom by which we are trusting God that they will not encounter such current imbalance we face at this present time in our Country.We only seek Him to help us in our times of stress and hardship.Our Success and Prosperity is God.